1. nordpil:

    Japanese Fabric City Map - cotton lawn - aqua and navy blue #map #japan

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  2. transitmaps:

    Unofficial Map: KLM Airlines European Routes Map by Veenspace 

    Submitted by Veenspace, who says:

    I made this map inspired by a recent CityLab post on airline maps. It posed that most maps are geographically accurate but hard to read, and that the maps that do go for minimalism lose any geographical component. There’s a balance between the two that I wanted to achieve: readable & geographical. I chose to design it like a circuit board, with KLM’s central hub as the CPU.


    Transit Maps says:

    The circuit board conceit is perhaps a little gimmicky, with limited applications in the real world (an ad in a computer magazine?), but there’s no doubt that this is nicely executed work. I haven’t always been the greatest fan of subway map-styled airline route maps, far preferring the grandeur of the great arcs used in traditional airline maps, but this strikes a better balance than most, and has a definite aesthetic appeal of its own. Whimsical fun!

  3. mashable:

    The data visualization “NYC Taxis: A Day in the Life” shows you the all the routes and earnings a taxi cab will make throughout a day in New York.

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  4. thetic:

    definitely view this one high res

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  5. salvadorcf:

    Victoria Burge

  6. fuckyeahcartography:

    Development rights available in NYC -  helping New Yorkers know what might be coming to their neighborhood. http://mas.org/accidentalskyline

  7. mapsontheweb:

    Manhattan Taxi Dropoff Location Counts, 2013

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  9. snowce:

    Katherine Baxter

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  10. architectural-review:

    Città analog(ic)he, Massimo Gasperini (2010)

  13. wapiti3:

    Iconographic encyclopaedia of science, literature, and art. ; by Heck, J. G. (Johann Georg), -185- Baird, Spencer Fullerton, 1823-1887 on Flickr.

    Publication info New York,R. Garrigue,1852.
    BHL Collections:
    Smithsonian Libraries
    * no plate explanations available

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  14. onurbanid:

    DOMUS Identità Milano / 18

    Identità Milano / 18

    Nella mostra “Identità Milano”, presentata alla Triennale durante il Salone del Mobile, la città racconta sè stessa in vista di EXPO 2015, con un progetto espositivo di Michele de Lucchi.

    Urban identity